Camping at Wahleach Lake

This blog post acts as my vision board for The website

For PUB 101, I want to create a website that encapsulates my main hobbies: camping, hiking, photography and videography. Over the past couple of years, I have been able to get out more often and do more of the things that I love, and I want to share my experiences with people that might care about it too. 

The overall “feel” I wish to create on my website very much revolves around the outdoors. For this reason, I am beginning to use simple, earth tones as the main colour palette of my project. My own photography and videos will be the majority of media showcased on

While this post is still draft, many posts on my website will resemble what is below, outlining an “adventure” I’ve been on. These posts will include photos, videos, and how-tos on everything related to my adventures. I have faced many challenges and found ways to overcome them, and hopefully, the information I share here is useful to others on their own endeavours. 

One of my favourite spots to camp is Wahleach Lake. Located in the Skagit Range, just east of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Waleach lake is a quiet getaway in the off-season months. 


To get up to Wahleach Lake, I would definitely recommend driving a 4X4 vehicle, as the forest service road can become quite bumpy after bad weather. However, I have been able to drive up the 10km road with my AWD vehicle in the summer months.

Along the forest service road adjacent to the lake, there are multiple free campsites that are on a first-come-first-serve basis. During peak camping times, like summer, it’s quite difficult to secure a site on the weekends unless you arrive very early, or on a weekday. For this reason, I tend to only camp during winter, fall, or early spring. It’s much more peaceful, and we usually get great campsites with a view. 


Leave No Trace!

If you decide to visit Wahleach Lake, please remember it is crucial that you do not leave a trace. Remember to pack all garbage and gear you took with you, and dispose in an appropriate location back in town. 

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