Process Post #4


The audience that I have been gearing towards are individuals that share the same hobbies and activities with myself. The love of the outdoors is not limited to any certain audience or demographic, as it is a hobby and passion that can be practiced globally. Initially, I am catering my content to an audience in British Columbia as I am writing blog posts about the adventures I’ve been on within British Columbia. 

British Columbia has a significant connection to nature and many public spaces cater towards the appreciation of the landscapes that surround us. Keeping this in mind has made pushed me to emphasize the imagery and video content I have included in my blog posts. I feel as though the photography reaches my audience in a way that it immerses them into the adventures I am writing about. For that reason, visual content is at the forefront of my blog space.

My blog has the potential to push a reader to try a certain hike for the first time or might just be an outlet for other readers to live vicariously through. I want to create a space that is accessible for anyone. If someone may not be able to travel and explore nature the same as I do, I can share my experience with them in a visual and informative format. Further down the line, once the pandemic eases travel restrictions, I want to begin creating content from more places than just British Columbia. 

From then on, my audience can completely change. I believe that in today’s fast-paced online environment, there will be audiences that come and go, or very different audiences may be brought together by my content. Implementing tools such as Google Analytics and other audience tracking tools allows me to gauge the gap between my imagined/perceived audience and the actual audience my website is bringing in. As my goal is not to cater to one specific person, tools like these help in understanding who my audience is and tweaking my content to be inclusive for all readers.

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