Peer Review #1

For our first peer review, I had the honour reviewing your website, Michael. Right off the bat, the landing page encapsulates your content well. The header of the website clearly sets the tone that we are here to review classic films and immediately shows recognizable examples. If I were a film buff looking for reviews, I would know I’ve found the right place upon clicking on your website link. I personally like how you took some time to select a font for your headings that is thematic to classic films as it ties in well. Reading the brief description of the website is what separates your website from other film reviewers is the dichotomy between old, classic films and you, the film reviewer born in Generation Z.

Your “About Me” section does a good job at explaining who you are, and what the purpose of your website is. I like how you included a photo of yourself, and I will be taking inspiration from that for my website! The mini assignments that you have posted so far were very entertaining and directly relate to the scope of your website; great job on that. Your writing style is very lighthearted and easy to follow along. I would only suggest using some more visuals other than the film cover image as it can make the page a little more visually immersive.

I also want to mention that I enjoy your thematic choices in terms of making the website dark. To me, I get the feeling that I am in a dark theatre viewing a film. If this is what you were going for, I think you can take it one step further and add in some more elements that you would usually find in that kind of theme. One thing I would recommend is to make your body text a little bit brighter and more structured. At times, it was a little difficult to read consistently because of the text. Using two columns and a lighter shade may help with that if you prefer. I would also recommend sorting your academic posts into a few different pages. This helps with separating the mini assignments, process posts, peer reviews and essays and makes it easier to navigate your content.

The structure of your site works well so far for the content you’ll be posting. There is a lot of potential for different pages related to film and movies and I look forward to seeing what new pages and content you add in the future!

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